Galleria Style Boutique Shopping in the Neighborhood!

Jeanne Landacre worked at a boutique clothing store in her hometown of Lake Jackson, where her sister, longtime Sienna Plantation resident Dr. Suzanne Berry-Simpkins frequently visited. 
“I just loved the unique items,” says Suzanne. “And it was the same distance to go to Lake Jackson or go into Houston to the boutique shops. I thought we really needed a boutique in Sienna Plantation. We have working women, stay at home moms...lots of girls without a lot of time to deal with the traffic to even go into town to shop, much less the Galleria.”

Suzanne got Jeanne on board to manage her store, Jeanne made the move to Sienna, and the sisters’ store, Rock 2 Royal, quickly went from dream to reality. “We have three daughters between us,” says Jeanne. “My Emma is 10 and Suzanne has Paige (11) and Tori (9.) We knew the store had to carry tween sizes and mom sizes. It had to range from edgy and fun to conservative and dignified. Paige actually thought of the name, Rock 2 Royal. Everything from rocking fun outfits to magnificent style--everyday to high-end couture--we’ve got it right here close to home!”

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